Cold Process Soaps

Pacific Scents' Cold Process soaps are formulated in our soap studio in Magnolia, Texas.  They are handmade in very small batches to ensure the highest quality and process. 


Each bar of soap is unique in it's design and lovingly handcrafted.  Each soap has additives with it's own characteristics that benefit your skin.  Additives such a goat's milk, Texas honey, silk, clays, activated charcoal, milks, shea butter, cocoa butter, fruits and vegetables are added to our various soaps to give your skin some loving goodness! 


Once a batch of Pacific Scents cold process soap is made, it stays in the mold for at 24-48 hours.  We then cut our bars.  From there, each bar takes at least six (6) weeks to cure. During the curing process, each bar hardens to create a longer last soap and while it's pH level lessens making it into a very mild soap! 

We hope you will enjoy all handmade soaps!





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